Oct 18,2012

Bar Refaeli meets with Ralph Lauren in New York

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Five Israeli fashion companies selling technologies developed innovative and unique business models will today (Thursday) in New York the products to representatives of the world’s leading fashion brands, fashion from international investors and media groups and advertising in fashion. Among other things, the companies will meet with representatives of Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta, Kenneth Cole, Aiconix and me Tahri.

The meeting, initiated by the commercial attache of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in New York, designed to expose the Israeli innovation in the field, to help Israeli companies raise investments, and customers in the global arena and create strategic partnerships in the future. Meeting, to be held in the form of a round table, Israeli companies will Ender Who ‘s Bar Rafaeli and David Lesser, Frkrbl, Mika Luke, Mifso and Bzart.

Among international investors participate at the roundtable venture capital funds and investors who specialize in fashion, media and advertising companies, such as advertising agency Y & R, and a Conde Nast is the owner of the world’s leading fashion magazines, including Vogue and Vanity Fair.

According to the commercial attache in New York, “technological innovation Israeli breakthrough variety theaters and penetrates well into the realm of fashion. Many cases, Israeli fashion companies previews often the huge international and keys methods and abilities sale and online marketing and social style of ‘guerilla’, which have proven success at trial Israel.

“Sales Strategies These innovative intriguing global industry and therefore initiated the summit fashionable – technology that brings together a host of distinguished relevant companies and potential investors. Uniqueness of the event is targeted and his unique mix created for Israeli companies, for around one table contains all relevant actors to allow Israeli companies, combining technology and fashion. ”

Source: The Marker
Translated: Google

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