Oct 11,2012

Bar Refaeli interviewed by XL Semanal

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Bar Refaeli: “At school, I was a little tomboy”
The tabloids for his love of hounds, is the dispute brands to promote their products, magazines aspire to occupy their covers … Bar Refaeli is today the world’s most desired blonde. His secret trust. So is this Israeli model willing to drop everything to be a mother. This 27 year old Israeli is the sexiest woman in the world. That said at least the readers of Maxim magazine, which makes Forbes as the richest ranks each year, said bluntly, to the hundred hot models in the world. Refaeli, truth is, similar accolades accumulated for years. The first Israeli to reach the Olympus of the supermodels and was Best Body of the Year in 2008,
Model of the Year twice in a row and is a staple in the summer special of Sports Illustrated, a kind of bible in the field of solid catalogs women in bikinis. With such a record, it is not surprising that the big brands are disputing to promote their products. Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex, for example, is godmother Delicate Notes Especially Escada, the new fragrance from Escada, the German multinational luxury women. Building on the launch, the model received XLSemanal in Berlin to discuss perfumes, men, boys, football and of Mossad, the Israeli secret services.

XLSemanal. Do you feel the sexiest woman in the world? 
Bar Refaeli . I do not feel well, a sexual icon. When they told me, I thought it was very rare and that once someone would call me to tell me that it was all a mistake. But hey, it’s a huge compliment and, above all, is something I can tell my grandchildren some day when they see me and wrinkled old woman: “You see, one day your grandmother was voted the sexiest woman in the world” [laughs ].
XL. What is most important to feel sexy?
BR . Confidence. Someone happy is the most sexy and elegant in the world.
XL. Does chasing boys at school?
BR No, in those years the fashion, style and these things did not interest me in the slightest. I never wore makeup, always went with loose jeans and baggy shirts, was a little tomboy, really. In fact I prefer men with baggy pants to those who have adjusted.
XL. Oh yeah? And what else? 
BR [laughs]. I like to be comfortable and manly. I do not like it seem to be trying hard to be attractive, I prefer a basic style: jeans and shirt.
XL. Returning to his career, how went from tomboy to model?
BR was five months since I’ve done television commercials. When a girl she is forced to do something they do not like, protest and cries, in my case wanted to get in front of a camera.
XL. Do you remember your first show?
BR Yes, must have 15 years, was in Israel. The local air conditioning had broken down and it was extremely hot. I did not know march was terrified, and I told the man who took care of the girls: “I do not know march, do not know how to do this.” I was the star of the campaign, so I looked very serious and I suggested, “It’s simple, just have fun!”. So what was left feeling, a girl of 15. I did not try to go through a professional model, walking with firm legs, more serious than a pear. I started walking, smiling, doing a little silly, people liked it because with all this heat I brought some freshness and naturalness.
XL. ? “Have fun!” Would be well advised to become a top model?
BR To me it has worked, but it applies to everything in life: have fun whenever possible. Although the best advice of my life my mother gave it to me, “If you give, you will receive twice”. I followed and I have not done anything wrong.
XL. What is the great icon of beauty?
BR My mother, always smiling. Smiling is what most makes a woman beautiful. Much more than any makeup.
XL. And, as a model, have you ever had references?
BR The truth is no. That is what makes this race so interesting, there is room for all, and each can do things differently. In any case I admire Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson, Heidi Klum, which have been mothers. Longer work as when they were 20, sure, but they were afraid not to have children.In the models are told that motherhood is going to ruin the body and stuff. So when I see them developing their careers without problems, putting his private life and his family … is admirable.
XL. It is your aspiration, I guess …
BR Yes, in a couple of years I will leave everything for a family.
XL. Are your favorite designers?
BR . Stella McCartney and Isabel Marant.
XL. What about your relationship with fragrances?
BR I feel naked without them. I love how the scents transport you to certain points in your life, persons or places.
XL. How would you describe Especially Escada Delicate Notes?
BR Delicate, sophisticated and very feminine, like a second skin. Prompts me to be spontaneous and fun while remaining elegant.
XL. He has made a film in Israel entitled Kidon. Did Shakespeare is doing someday?
BR Wrong. Mine is not doing paperwork or show deep psychological process very demanding. I’m smart enough to understand what a director wants me. I do light roles, requiring some work inside, but not too much, for that and have to get in depth study acting. Anyway, the film is a natural step for a model. Brooke Shields, Milla Jovovich, Diane Kruger …
XL. Play as a kind of Mata Hari, will not you Mossad?
BR . Yes, the Mossad. In the movie, of course [laughs]. But being a spy is my secret dream. I love to be Mossad. Who knows! Perhaps because I am [laughs]. Being famous model is a good cover.
XL. She posed in a row with Nadal, Michael Phelps and Chris Paul. What gives you the athletes?
BR is that I am very involved in sports. Sports Illustrated wanted me to a special number and they set out to do something different. She was tired of always going to the beach and take the same photo. I suggested several athletes and chose. I’m a big fan of Rafa, Chris and Michael.
XL. You really soccer. Do I support any team in the last European Championship?
BR In Spain, of course! I’m a girl from Barcelona and Spain.

Source: Finanzas.com
Translated: wijnboerinnetje – bellazon

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